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Spiritual Tour

Healing Symbol Ceremony in Mt.Fuji
June 14th 2009 at 5th station

Meeting point: Central Exit at JR Shinjuku Station at 8am
Fee: 8,000yen (Includes bus charge)
5,000yen for under age of 15.

Symbols are the language of the Souls.  Symbols bi-pass the human mind, intellect and logic and affects directly our higher mind/super concisous mind.  Using symbols to heal ourselves helps in healing Mother Earth and vice versa for we are made of the same materials as Mother Earth.  We all have heard the expression that inside of us is a minature universe. 

 In the same way we all need healing during various times of our lives, Mother Earth also needs healing and nurturance and support.  One of the purpose of being born as a human is to help in the process of healing and helping Mother Earth ascend.  Just like regular healing symbols affect us energetically, in the same way drawing healing earth symbols helps Mother Earth energetically. In all the ancient traditions, Mother Earth is considered as sacred and regular healing ceremonies are performed as in truth she truly is our Mother.  That is why she is called as Pancha Mama by the ancients. 

 These symbols we will draw on the ground is given to us by the Andromedeans.  One of the main reasons for drawing the symbol on Mount Fuji is because of its sacredness.  Almost all the people honour the sacredness of this mountain.  This mountain was visited by many ancient sacred beings and there is also a city underneath this great mountain.  In recent times, this sacredness is polluted by the large number of people visiting this mountain and especially the willful taking of life has created energetic imbalances for the mountain.  What we are attempting to do is to bring balance to the mountain by clearing away all energies which are not benevolent for the mountain, because when the mountain is healed, then it emanates pure sacred energy through out this land.  We need to attempt to bring this sacredness to the mountain. 

 In very ancient times, when people come to visit the mountain, they were only allowed to visit the outer perimeter of the mountain and only shamans and seers were allowed to climb the mountain. 

In working towards bringing balance and harmony to the mountain, we will draw 3 earth healing symbols on the ground and leave this symbol on the ground for 7 to 10 days.  We will make 3 groups of people and draw 3 different symbols - 3 to 5 feet apart and then we will place 3 programmed crystals in the middle of the symbols.  We will also anchor the energy of Archangel Michael into the symbols thus protecting it as you all know the great energy of Archangle Micheal is a protective energy and very healing energy.  The three symbols represent the water element, the fire element and the wind element.

 if any body would like to bring gifts to Mother Earth in the form of tobacco leaf, mud from their house plants, stones from their garden, all is welcome.  Additionally we can take sweet corn, small pumkins or any vegetables grown underneath the earth.  Let your heart decide.

There will also be toning and channeling.  In the toning, all the participants will chant while making the symbol, thus purifiying the energy field of the people and the atmosphere. 

We look forward to your participation. 

Till our brotherly heart meets once again (greetings in Lemurian language) 

Rae Chandran