Symbols for healing, self empowering
The healing symbols are of Lemurian origin. I have been asked by my
teacher Master Kuthumi to familirise myself with sacred geomety in
September of 2008. I did not know what it was for nor I had much
inclination to study geometry. Neverthless I got an introductory book
on sacred geometry and started to explore the different forms of
sacred geometry which was used in many forms in this world. Then
during the last week of November, another of my teacher Isis showed me
some symbols (6 of them) during my meditation time and asked me to
develop it further by giving it color and form. That was the origin of
my symbols. Then from January of 2009, the symbols just kept coming.
But this time it was brought by Lord Serapis Bay (Lemurian symbols),
Lord El Morya on Earth Symbols and Lord Kuthumi (personal symbols).

Healing Symbols
Soul Symbols

Greetings, Beloved Partners,  this is Gaia,

Isn't time that humanity woke up to this sacred partnership, for truly you and I are one for we contain the same essence.  This partnership has been created for a specific reason - that is to evolve and see how far we can go in our soul evolution.  You like me voluntereed for this project.  Eons ago, I desired with all my heart/essence to have growth and then I was sent to a planet which was devoid of any life form and I stayed there for a few million years, moaning and complaining about the place I was sent to, and after that phase of complaining and moaning, I accepted my place of residence and when I accepted my new residence, my eyes were opened to all the beauty that was there which I had failed to see before.  You too requested great advances in your soul evolution and so when the call was put out for the beings to come to this place, you all voluntered to do, and the most remarkable of all this is that you came here agreeing to forgetting your true essence.  In this way, we both are partners on this planet searching and seeking higher planes of experience for our soul growth.  What a fitting partnership.

Over the eons of time, humanity forgot this sacred partnership, although I in my deep bossom always held the hope that one day you will rembember this sacred partnership and return to the source.  One of the ways of connecting with me once again is through sacred geometry and hence this message to humanity.  These symbols I have brought forth can be used by any humans who has a clear intent to connect with the land and like a true partner who listens to good advice from another partner, I will honor your clear intent in bringing forth your desired results if it is for your highest good and if it is my highest good also.  For in true partnership, every one benefits. 

So now to the Symbols and how to use it:

All the symbols are given names and its functions in a easy way to understand.  Draw the symbol which you feel is appropriate for you atleast in one diameter circle and then place stones on the drawn symbol and leave it there for 7 to 10 days.  The reason it must be left for a minimum of 7 to 10 days, is it takes atleast that amount of time to penetrate the 7 layers of energy in the ground for it to bring forth the desired results.  Also along with the clear intent, it is good to have a open and sincere heart and a sense of co-operation and partnership is beneficial.  For those of you who likes to sing, it is good to sing to the seeds, crops you are growing and also to talk to the essence of the land you are cultivating, for it will strengthen your bond with the land.  When you express your love for the land, the land will love you back and bring you its bountiful goodies.

Happy farming.

Gaia through Rae Chandran

Connect the famer with the land

Earth/Agricultural Symbol

Crops to grow healthier

Flower garden

For stubborn land

For weeds not to grow

Protection of the land


Seeds to grow

Seeds to grow healthier

To make the seeds healthier

To make the land fertile

To make the land sacred

To protect crops from ruining by bugs

Where the soil is very hard

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