Symbols for healing, self empowering
The healing symbols are of Lemurian origin. I have been asked by my
teacher Master Kuthumi to familirise myself with sacred geomety in
September of 2008. I did not know what it was for nor I had much
inclination to study geometry. Neverthless I got an introductory book
on sacred geometry and started to explore the different forms of
sacred geometry which was used in many forms in this world. Then
during the last week of November, another of my teacher Isis showed me
some symbols (6 of them) during my meditation time and asked me to
develop it further by giving it color and form. That was the origin of
my symbols. Then from January of 2009, the symbols just kept coming.
But this time it was brought by Lord Serapis Bay (Lemurian symbols),
Lord El Morya on Earth Symbols and Lord Kuthumi (personal symbols).

Greetings.  This is Isis.  At this fascinating time in Earth's history, mankind has been provided with many tools of self discovery.  Understanding oneself is the greatest work one can do and understanding one self and expressing the Soul's truth and expressing that truth and expressing the love of the soul is the main reason for being born.  Mankind has been lost for a long period of time and during this amazing time, the Creator has gifted humanity with many gifts which will help in awakening humans to their true selves.  Today I present one of the tools for the awakening humanity. 

Happy Creations................

Isis through Rae Chandran

Symbols for land
Soul Symbols

1.   Balance

The first symbol is called Balance.  It has been appropriately named balance because it is the heart of human evolution.  When you are fully balanced with the spiritual and the material, then you are truly living the life, you have come here to embody.  Balance needs to be achieved in everything we do/every experience/every thought we have, every emotion we have, every action we take.  The wise one had said - Middle Path leads to enlightenment.   On a higher level, balance has to be achieved between the Male and Female energies in oneself, balance with the environment, balance with Mother Earth, balance with our biology.  When we are not in balance, then life is like living on a sea sow.  Certian times, you are up, and certain times you are down and you are constantly in this swing of things never having control of either of the two.  Also when you are not balanced, you are easily influenced by outside circumstances and outside circumstances dectate our life. 

This symbol - two lines going across and two lines intersecting it can on an energetic level influence our bioilogy/cells in seeking balance.  When we are working towards creating balance, we may be faced with letting go of many things in our lives -whether it is physically or emotionally and this may create in certain situations anguish, sorrow, tears etc.,  But it will be for the highest good for us - not just on the physical level, but on all levels of our bodies - from etheric to the light body.  I encourage you to meditate on this symbol and ask for healing to be incorporated in all your levels.  It is also good to place this symnbol on your body - especially on your chakra centers and ask for healing.  As you are aware, creating balance is a continuous process.  Web are evolving continously and our truth is changing continously.  Also we are continuously healing and cleansing our energy field and this in turn requires us to constantly work on ourselves in creating balance.  This symbol can also be placed in homes where there is balance needed, or on Mother Earth's body (in the ground), can be placed on a tree which is not growing well, in a farm house where animals are housed (chicken, sheeps, cows etc).  It can also be placed in schools, dormitary, hostels, military instalments, political and relegious environments, commercial establishments, public transportation places, hospitals etc.,  


2.  Rice Stalks

Rice represents abundance.  Fully grown rice stalks represents great abundance.  In generations gone by, when one has a store house of rice stored, it represented great abundance, for rice was the medium which represented affulence/wealth/security.  This knowledge is stored in our celluar memory and in our DNA.  When this symbol is placed around the neck (wearing it as a pendent) or placed in a house as a painting, it triggers the celluar memory of security, wealth and abundance.  This is especially good for people who has great fear of the future.  This can also be placed in businesses which are not doing well, in any place where stability and growth is required and fear is dissolved.  It is also good to place it near the front door of your house.  It is exceptionally good to place it in children's rooms where by they can grow up with out fear of having to struggle in their life to create the sustance they require.  It is also good to place in any place which needs a boost in energy.  People who has severe fear of the future, it is good to place this symbol on the bed in which they sleep.  They can also emboss this symbol on the dress they wear during sleep time as it will work on their energy field during sleep time.


 3. Pyramid

Pyramid represents the highest point a human can take in their evolution.  Pyramids traditionally represents spiritual growth.  When the symbol of a pyramid is placed in any environment, it immeditately elevates the energy field in that environment.  Pyramids are powerful symbols, so it it not recommended to place it in a baby's room or in an elderly care facility.  Pyramids also represents persoanl power and strength.  It could be worn in the neck or can be placed in a place where you can see it frequently.  The three doors in the pyramid represents the three parts of you - Mind, Body and Soul in complete harmony with your Monad.  The circle around the pyramid represents the wholeness or the completeness and in one with the Creator.  This symbol can also be placed prominently on a building (like the main City hall/town square) represeenting the entire town after natural disasters like floods, hurricanes etc.) as it will give the entire town a boost in their emotional stability.  When ever natural disasters occur, the emotions of people are severally affected and this goes into their energy field and celluar structure and this will affect in the future all their actions/perceptions on life.  This symbol placed prominently at the city square will transmit energies through out the place, healing hearts and minds

4. Butterfly Wings

Butterfly represents Freedom.  Freedom from what.  All of us think that we are FREE and we have total freedom.  But have you considered Soul Freedom, Freedom from emotional and mental chains, freedom from chains we have placed around us.  We are chained by our fear, our ego, our guilt feelings, our conceit and a vareity of other expressions.  If we want to be truly jously, we need to start cultivating Freedom at the Soul Level.  Soul always seeks freedom, where as our mind/ego complicates.  Tradiotionally Butterflies has been used as an expression of Soul Freedom and Pure Love.  Butterflies carries the pure essence of Love in all its variations.  Love comes in various forms and expressions and Butterfly expresses all the variations of it. 

 Just by looking at this symbol, one will start the awakening process of finding soul freedom.  This is especially good for people who feels limited by circumstances like being in a job environment which they do not like, or in a relationship, or in a sick bed or even in cases of being in prison as a solitary confinement.  When we have soul freedom, we can be free from all other limitations and can truly start feeling free.  It is good to place this symbol either as a drawing or as any other object made of wood, stell, silk etc., on your solar plexus and also your feet.  When you place it on your body, breath in energy from this symbol and imagine it going through your spine and going through all your chakras and also through out your body.

You can also make a drawing/painting of this symbol and hang it in your house.  The color should always be bright yellow.  It can also be placed in a home/business where it is gloomy and a sense of hopelessness.  It is especially good for patients with debilitating disease like cancer to work with this symbol.  It is also good for children who are emotionally withdrawn and colloquial.

5. Heart

This symbol as is clear represents relationships - especially between male and female.  Traditionally, the circle with the arrow represents Love or seeking love.  This symbol if you notice has two circles around it instead of the regular one and also 3 points on the left hand side.  The second circle represents the love you seek - for when you place your energy anywhere, you get back the equal amount of energy back as in number 8.   So in a traditonal circle with the heart inside and with only one circle, the love you seek, is the love you get back, that is from you to you, but not from another human being.  That is what you want. Love from another human being (whether it is a male or female).  Also the three points on the left hand side indicates the total harmony you must have with your mind, body and soul.  When you are completely and totally in harmony in mind, body and soul, then you are in touch with the quantum possibility of the Creator and the energy you send you to attract a partner is highly potent/strong and also most important benevolent for you, for your soul will always bring you the most approporiate person into your life when you are in complete harmony with yourself.

Wearing this symbol is good for attracting the right partner who you need in life bringing you the perfect lesson/experience your soul seeks.    This symbol can also be placed in your bedroom to enhance the love between two human beings. 

6.Pot with Gold Coins

This traditionally represents wealth.  But true wealth as you know is in your heart. But I understand the needs of humans to have wealth to survive and live in your 3rd dimensional world.  This symbol is especially for people who has great fear about not having wealth.  Most people who has great fear about wealth is constantly sending out energy about their fear of not having and again, as mentioned before, that is the energy you get back.  The fear of not having enough money).  This symbol placed in a home works on the energetics of the house and also its inhabitants.  When a person is constantly sending out energy of fear of not having enough money, the entire things in the house including the walls, the furniture and all other things in the house picks this up and if it is not released, it builds up.  This energy stays in the house and is constantly affecting the behaviour/moods/mental and emotional conditions people have about money and the fear associated with it.  So placing this symbol in a prominent place in the house can slowly start clearing this built up energy in the house and this in turn will slowly start affecting the people living in the house.   

It is also good to meditate with this symbol - that is by drawing energy from this symbol deep into your belly and circulating it through out the body and when exhaling, imagining all the dead energy associated with the fear of not having enough, being pushed out.  You can place this symbol in many areas of your house - (not in just one location) like the stairway, bathroom, entrance, bedroom etc., 

7. Three Arrows Power/Courage

This represents true power.  As you are aware, true power comes with true love and also great responsibility.  If you notice in the drwing, the three arrows has a cut in the middle - emphasising only half power, for we have to be mentally and emotionally matured to have true power.  Most of humanity is not at this stage yet.  When this power is misused, it can bring great harm to onself - especialy by becoming sick in the stomach and knee areas.  It can also affect the heart area. 


This power can be awakened by keeping a drawing/illustration of this in a student's room for example before taking an important examination, going to a new college/school, to a new town.  We all need courage and power at certian times in our lives to do the things we have come to do like walk our sou;'s path and for a variety of other reasons.  This symbol could also be incorporated into a solider's uniform before he goes to war or when ever you need courage to do new thiings and you do not feel the courage/strength to get it done.  It can be used in school and college gymnasiums, in oil rigs which are constantly being bombarded by high winds and high waves, in places of great suffering like war zone.  In a war zone, it could be drawn on the ground and made out of stones and placed in a safe place where it will not be touched.  This will give a boost to the people who are in the war zone.  it is especially good for animals like in a zoo where the animals are caged in a very limited space and there is great stress for the animals or in a forest where there are animals, but humans are living near by.  This creates great fear among the animals and it is good then to draw out this symbol on the ground or carve it onto the tree (after first getting permission from the tree).
It is also good for athlets before they take part in a major tournament. 

8.Pleaiden/Benevolent Energy

This symbol represents the energy of the Goddess.  True Goddess energy represents the forces of creation, great nurturance, unconditional acceptance and unconditional love.  Most human beings other than when they were children rarely experience pure and unconditional love. This symbol is to be used with great care and sacredness, for it has the potential to open one's heart chakra.  You can place this symbol on your heart chakra, and then on your sacrel chakra.  It is also a good symbol to be worn around your neck especially touching your heart center.  This can also be good for people who has never experienced motherly love or pure unconditional love and whose hearts are closed.  This can also be extremely good for new mothers who in some cases does not feel a connection with their new born baby and also vice versa.  This is also good for creating harmony in the house.  It is good to put this symbol at the entrace to the front doo of the house thus inviting the benevolent and loving energies  to emanate it into the house.  It is good where ever bonding between human beings is required.  It is also good for organisations where people gather together, like in a government office where decisions are made.  It is also good to place in places like prisons or any other environments where strict discipline is enforced.  By placing this symbol stragetecially in temples and shrines the strict, controlling energies emanated from these places can be transmuted. 
It is also good for old people's homes.  It can also be used by farmers (especially where indoor farming is done like in Japan) where by it will emanate energies to the crops grown there.

9. Hope

One of the greatest gift the human heart has is the gift of Hope.  Hope is the very embodiment of life.  Without hope, there is no life iliterraly.  It is hope that has carried mankind forward from the caveman to the modern times.  It is hope that will propel and create the future mankind seeks.  So what is hope.  It is that part of the human psyche that gives the will to live a better life.  Whether it to be to just change the circumstances of one's life or to make major life's decisions which will create a better life.  Creator has specificially put this in the human energy as Creator knew, that this Earth school is a tough school of learning and we the students need all the tools necessary to properl us forward and do the work we have come here to do - basically to change elevate the energy of the planet and to stimulate growth and then take this learning to other star systems and planets and galaxy and stimulate change.  For without discomfot there is no motivation to change.  So this planet has been imbubed with discomfort as to motivate us to change and grow.  Hope plays a very big role in this as you all know discomfort can get us bogey us down and loose all faith in ourselves and in some cases also the will to live.  So hope is an importnt factor in the human growth system.

The three arrows going horizontally with one single arrow going vertically represents the will of the human beings to cut through the challenges and find one's self.  The 16 dots around the arrows represents the 16 facets of our emotions which plays a major part in our daily life and based on which our personality is formed.  This 16 dots is inside a circle and this circle is encircled by another circle which represents the love and will of the Creator.  When we incorporate the love and will of the Creator in our life, then our true purpose for being born is revelaed to us and when we come to this understanding, then naturally our will to live is strengthened.

This symbole can be used again as a drawing where by one carries this sybmol on themselves or where they can see this symbol frequently.  It is good to place this symbol as a drawing in people's rooms/homes who are experiencing depression, constant sadness, no will to live, suicidial tendencies, inflicting self injury, self violence etc.,  It is also good to have this in people's room/homes who are ready to leave this planet through the natural process of death.  Many humans have great fear of death.  This will elevate their fear of death, anxiety/ anxiety of what will happen to them, will they be judged, condenmned etc., 

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