Soul Symbols
The healing symbols are of Lemurian origin. I have been asked by my
teacher Master Kuthumi to familirise myself with sacred geomety in
September of 2008. I did not know what it was for nor I had much
inclination to study geometry. Neverthless I got an introductory book
on sacred geometry and started to explore the different forms of
sacred geometry which was used in many forms in this world. Then
during the last week of November, another of my teacher Isis showed me
some symbols (6 of them) during my meditation time and asked me to
develop it further by giving it color and form. That was the origin of
my symbols. Then from January of 2009, the symbols just kept coming.
But this time it was brought by Lord Serapis Bay (Lemurian symbols),
Lord El Morya on Earth Symbols and Lord Kuthumi (personal symbols).

Greetings.  This is Isis.  At this fascinating time in Earth's history, mankind has been provided with many tools of self discovery.  Understanding oneself is the greatest work one can do and understanding one self and expressing the Soul's truth and expressing that truth and expressing the love of the soul is the main reason for being born.  Mankind has been lost for a long period of time and during this amazing time, the Creator has gifted humanity with many gifts which will help in awakening humans to their true selves.  Today I present one of the tools for the awakening humanity. 

Happy Creations................

Isis through Rae Chandran


Personal Symbol

Canneled Symbol for your soul groth that you can meditate on.

Fee: 20,000yen (Graphic Image as below with message)

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