Healing Japan Project

Message and Q&A from Isis
The channeling conducted by Rae Chandra on 24 March 2011
at KomOmbo, Egypt.

Hello, I am Isis.

The Creator loves us all. Yet why can such a sad event take place?
Because with such an event, people start exploring.

This terrible event will awake many souls of Japanese people.

These souls have been lost their ways.

Gadgets and machines dominated Japan.

Why did such an event take place? What is the high dimensional meaning of this event? What can we do now? These explorations will start now.

This event will be a trigger, and induce people of the world to connect with the Creator. Therefore there is a Gift in what is going on right now. Please keep this in your mind.

Then what else can we do?

There are many things we can do.

The most powerful way is that 144,000 people maintain the healing energy for 20~30 minutes together.
144,000 people keep their vibration pattern and the same intension at the same time.

Visualise the image of embracing the Earth and Japan. Send the energy to the image of the Earth and Japan in between your palms.

All souls have their own colour. In the same way, all nations have their own colour and vibration.

Find the colour of Japan and brush it over the image of Japan. (The colour of Japan is Magenta, the colour between purple and pink)

We set the tone together and 144,000 people will tone this colour at the same time over the image of Japan, which will prevent further nuclear radiation leak.

Tone: @Oh..............................Kieai ..............................Yai @iMother earth is healedj

Hands posture


Images by Shou Nijikaze

Q1. gJapan is the only country in the world that has experience of the atom bomb. Does it something to do with what is happening now? Are there any common learning from this experience?h

A1. Please donft take this event as a punishment. This is not an issue of cleansing Karma. This is an accident created by human error.

What this accident means is that now is the time to expose the knowledge and technology of free energy. The free energy technology has been available for the last 50 years, however these technologies have been blocked and hidden by greed and power of authority. What is happening in Japan right now will affect the nuclear technology of all over the world.

If people do not awake, you have to shake them to get awakened.

The movement which to understand what is going on in the world in the bigger picture will start soon.

As far as the nuclear plants are concerned, even the scientists very well knew that these locations were not safe. This fact was hidden by money and power.

This event will bring the moment that Japan will change its tendency.

In the relation to the nuclear plant, the common learning is gawakeningh.

With the Second World War, Japan was awakened economically. Individually Japanese people are awakened to be more human. Until that time, Japanese people did not have freedom, and being dominated by the power of authority.

This event will bring the spiritual awakening.

Japan needs to be awakened from gadgets, machines, and transform itself from consuming society to more human society.

Q2. gIs there any work which can transform the Tsunami contaminated land into agricultural land again? g

A2. The Earth is expanding. And she needs more space.

The sea level will rise.

People should move into inland, which is 6 miles (10km) away from the sea.

It is certainly difficult for Japan as it is such a small country. But it is necessary to keep the balance of the needs of the Earth and humans. Otherwise, the same problem will occur again in the future. We should establish the partnership between people and the Earth.

Japan will recover.

Japan will recover powerfully with much deeper consciousness.
People will start thinking what is the most important thing in their life.

The government will change.

This is also a good thing.

Japan was halfway. There was no system to support people. This event will change that.
People who passed away in this event are the souls, which had decided to contribute to the change of human consciousness in Japan.

Q3. gWhat does the meaning of 144,000?h

A3. 144,000 is the number that is multiple of 12, which is the original number of souls came to the Earth. This is a minimum number, a core number, which can transform the energy of a location, and influence the collective consciousness.

Q4. gCan we make a government department for healing in Japan?

A4. Inside of the UN head quarter, there is a meditation room. There are many channelers conducting workshops there. Maybe it is time for Japan to establish the one like that.

The time comes when you start acting.

Be the change you want to see.

The ceremony:

April 8th 10pm Japan timefor 20-30min

144,000 souls all over the planet at one specific time and date visualize that all are holding Mother Earth in their hands and Mother Earth is being showered with golden particles of light.

Then to visualize Japan in the center of Mother Earth and then to cover Japan with the soul color of Japan.

Every soul on the planet has a soul color (not the color therapy used for personality), and a soul shape.

The soul color of Japan is Megenta and not the red in their flag.

To overlay this color on top of Japan and then do a tone.

The tone is like this - Oh..............................Kieai ..............................Yai.

What it can do is to change the vibrations in the particles of radiation and thus reduce the intensity of the radiation by a very high margin. But 144,000 souls must do it together.