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Encodements - Death & Suicide

Dear Ones,

I would like to discuss the "killing of self" on several levels.

The first level is the intentional sacrifice of the self for another. This occurs when one gives up one's life to save another, even if that other one is not saved. There are not specific encodements that would say, "I am going to die giving my life for someone."

What is present are the encodements of self-sacrifice for the sole purpose of love of other. Some call it the energy of being a hero. This is a decision made before incarnation to be of a specific type of service to others. The encodement system is develop to fulfill this life plan. The potential for such an event of self-sacrifice has been agreed upon by the souls involved. In some cases the agreement was that self-sacrifice would definitely occur. In other cases the potential, but not the finality was agreed upon. Whether the finality occurs or not is left to the soul decisions at that moment in time.

There is also the "killing of self" by not attending to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the self. All life is lived to learn. All life is lived to grow and develop on the spiritual level-and all levels are spiritual even if not overtly viewed in that manner. The killing of self in this manner is one in which the individual has made a decision, I'm speaking of after incarnation, to not care for the self. This is a result of putting people and activities above the self. It is a symptom of not loving oneself.

In this case the encodements of the individual are damaged. The ones for self-love have not been activated or have been deactivated. If you are not caring for yourself, ask for the encodement technicians to repair or activate any encodements needed to tap into self-love and, thus, caring for the self. Also, ask that any artificial encodements impairing self-love be removed. Be sure and ask for the consequences of such an action so that you do this with full understanding.

Now let us discuss what one usually refers to as "suicide," the intentional ending of one's life purely from the choice of not desiring to live any more. There are several levels in this category also. (Life is not and was never intended to be "black and white." Why else would there be so many varieties of the same color, even of black and white!)

First know that there are rarely encodements that designate the taking of your own life out of desperation. There can be encodements that move one through the life lessons brought about by such things as depression and severe pain. The process could have one struggle with whether to stay in this life time or not.

The repercussions of ending life before the agreed upon time result in needing to "take the class over." Repeating the learning of these lessons has no judgment upon them by any being other than the individual soul. Some have the mistaken notion that if you do not learn the lesson in this lifetime, then you are "punished" and made to repeat the lesson in a new lifetime in a much more difficult manner. Dear ones, that is not what love is. There is no punishment for what you do in your life. Yes, it is true, souls often choose to take the class again and do so in a more difficult manner. It is the soul that chooses such a lesson. No soul is "forced" into such a lesson.

There are times when it is highly recommended by one's board that the soul heal and rest before making plans for another lifetime. Those of you who choose to incarnate on this planet are a hardy and stubborn lot! You come here because you wish to grow and grow quickly. What you usually do, when you believe you did not succeed, is to come back again as quickly as possible, and take the lesson again, but on a higher level.

This practice almost always brings great learning and success at learning the lesson, even if those who are incarnated with you do not agree. There is no way that those still in the body can "see" the depth of what is happening in the soul development.

Why is the lesson learned even when it is usually in a "more difficult classroom?" You did learn something in the previous life time, dear ones. You learned that you needed to bring with you more resources. You bring with you more of your soul energy into the lifetime. You gather around you more of what you call angels and guides. You bring into the incarnation greater resources so that, even though it is more difficult, you will have more with which to learn. You bring with you more support.

Now, for a few more specifics. Take the individual who is severely ill or disabled. One may choose to leave the life by the means you call suicide because the pain is so great. Many times the decisions is made because what is happening to others is too painful to watch and experience. At other times the pain literally drives one out of the mind.

Great pain without having activated spiritual resources is impossible to overcome. When one learns the spiritual practices that the pain is only of the body and not of the soul, then the soul is able to experience the physical pain without the pain to the soul. (I will leave the reader to discover the truth in that last sentence.) What happens is that the pain is present but the individual does not pay attention to the pain.

The suicide that is brought about by emotional distress commonly called depression has a greater effect on those who are left than one who ends ones incarnation due to severe pain. People have a greater ability to understand the ending of physical pain. They have less of an ability, unless they have experienced it, of ending the life due to emotional pain.

Great emotional pain deactivates the encodements for life. There is not enough energy coming into the system for the encodement system to overcome the energy misdirection of artificial encodements brought about by emotional pain and suffering.

Working with the depressed individual is best enhanced by using spiritual means. This is any means that involves the giving of heart energy to the soul. Virtually any "technique" in which the practitioner sends heart energy will assist in the healing of an individual. One of the reasons medications are not a complete answer is that there is rarely a giving of the heart energy, love energy, needed for the individual to heal.

Know, however, that no matter how much heart energy you send, the other must make a decision to accept the energy. If the soul decides to end the incarnation even though one or more are sending heart energy, it is not a failure of the one sending the energy. It is the decision of the one making the choice to leave the incarnation.

For a very few souls, there are agreements to experience the powerlessness brought on by a loved ones suicide. There are higher reasons for this agreement and, yes, each individual is encoded for this path.

Encodements and Death
Your genetic code also contains the encodements for physical death. Most people choose a primary opportunity for death and several other opportunities for physical death. The decision as to the exact time is made on the soul level in consultation with your board. (This is different from your guides).

The time and manner of death is a combination of what you wanted to learn in this life time, your "contracts" with other souls (parents, siblings, children, spouses, partners, friends and others), the belief systems you accept which are predominantly on an other than conscious level, and your personal development. There is also the addition of decisions that other souls make (drunk driving, murder) that interact with all the above.

If you wish to live longer in this life time there are a number of things you can do. You know of the physical actions: eat in a healthy manner, give your body the movement it needs, avoid as much as possible putting any chemicals in your body. (This last one is very difficult for you as most of the planet is now filled with chemicals. You do have choices on other chemicals.)

Beyond the physical it is imperative that you eliminate and change fears and life shortening belief systems. The first fear to release is the fear of death! Belief systems you may have but not be aware are:

Not deserving to live

Life is painful

Life is drudgery

Old age is bad health and dependence

The good die young

I can't live with this pain (whatever emotional and physical pain it is)

I cannot start over

Life is useless

Life is joyless

Work on releasing your anger, resentment, sadness, worry, fear and grief. Many will be released as you accept and heal from various wounds. Some will change as you alter belief systems.

You can ask the encodement technicians to take you to the area that is most limiting your physical health and life. You will want to work on both areas if you wish to live long and be healthy! You then work with the technicians as explained elsewhere.