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Spiritual Development & Ascension Process

There is much discussion about ascension, isn't there?

First, I want to tell you what ascension is not. Ascension is not a process you do because you are afraid of physical death. Wanting to ascend because you fear physical death is fear based. When you are experiencing a fear you have your attention on that which you fear. Since your attention is on that which you fear you will manifest what you fear. If you fear death you will experience death.

Ascension is spiritual growth. Ascension is what happens when you have learned all there is for you to know in the dualistic vibration of this planet and move toward the knowing and experience of Oneness. Ascension is an "ascending" of your vibrations beyond that which can be seen by the physical eye.

Not everyone has encodements for ascension. There are only a handful of people in each of your lifetimes with the encodements for ascension. I am speaking to most people reading this information. Most were born well before 1987. Many more of those born since 1987, have encodements for ascension.

Those born before 1987, actually 1985, knew that the probability of life ending around your year 2000 was very strong. You did know there was a possibility of change, of life extending. You came to this lifetime at this time to watch what happened. You wanted to be witnesses. You had encodements for ascension.

Now that I have said that I need to give some background. Everyone, every animal, every gene contains encodements for ascension. They are the encodements for the return to Oneness. Since everyone is not only from Oneness, but is an aspect of Oneness, you, and everything around you, has encodements for ascension.

Depending upon your choice before incarnation of what it is you wish to learn, your ascension encodements are in varying layers. For some, mostly the newer souls and those who have "relaxed" through various lifetimes, have ascension encodements in the deepest layers. Others have ascension encodements in the middle layers and still others on various upper layers.

Those who no longer need to incarnate for the purpose of learning in this lifetime, but are here for service, have ascension encodements within the first few layers of their encodements. There are some here who have already "ascended" and are here for the purpose of service. Their ascension encodements are on the first level of encodements.

If your desire is to ascend, then your path is focused on the spiritual elements of life. A hint here: every aspect of your life relates to spiritual growth. If you wish to ascend quickly, you do not focus on ascension. You focus on learning and growth.

There are many tools or methods available in the world, that if you used them in their entirety and perfection, you would activate the energy for ascension. For instance, if you followed in every detail what is known as the "12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous" you would pass through your lessons and activate the ascension encodements. (The major mistake of Alcoholics Anonymous and other programs that follow their example is the declaration of "I Am" statements that keep the individual lodged in a lower vibration. Be careful of your "I Am" statements. They are creative!)

If you follow closely the Vedas and Upanishads of Hinduism or the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, you would attain ascension. If you follow the Four Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz's version of the Toltec teachings, you will attain ascension. If you closely follow the teachings of Jesus contained in The Sermon on the Mount, you will attain ascension. The same is true if you follow the way of the Kabbalah of Jewish mysticism. Take the primary teachings of spiritual growth for any path of light and follow it, and you will achieve ascension. There are books on personal growth that give detailed instructions on how to achieve such growth. For a great many, if you follow their guidance, you will be on the path to ascension.

Conscious encodement work, combined with your choice of a particular path of study and growth, will speed you on the path of ascension.