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Important Points to Remember

The encodement process works within universal law. Encodement work will not violate the universal laws pertaining to your planet. You may think this is a major limitation. It is if you believe that science knows all the universal laws and how they work.

1) This is a planet of duality. Your encodement work will not change that fact. What can change is how you handle duality and what you learn from it.

2) Your body is made of energy and will need energy. Perhaps you have heard of those who live on nothing but prana from the energy of the sun? The common belief is that your body can only survive by means of what you call food and drink. That is not true. You can live with great joy and peace without ever putting food in your mouth. You will, however, have to get sustenance from somewhere. You will still need to take time for gathering energy needed by your physical body.

3) You will still live on this planet with everyone. You will still be immersed in the same energies as you are now. You can work with your encodements on how to handle the energies.

4) All that you have heard or read regarding the "miracles" of the great saints are true. They are even more fantastic than you can imagine. If you hold onto those possibilities then you can break free of belief systems holding you down. It is only your belief systems, not universal law that is holding you back.

5) Read things such as the Life and Teachings of the Master's of the Far East, stories of the various yogis, the miracles of your saints. Read about what "magicians" and wiccans can do. See the possibilities in both white and black magic. (Read about black magic only if you are strong enough to not get caught in its allure.)

6) No being, neither angelic or otherwise can work contrary to universal law. All the fantastic things you have heard and read about are in accordance with natural law--just not the "laws" your scientists believe are true.

7) Your body will need sustenance while you are doing this work. You will want to do this work with as little crisis to your physical body as possible. Be aware of supplements and foods that support your body. Use them.