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Encodement System

Imagine your encodement system as a spider's web. There are many connections in that web. Now imagine the web as three dimensional. Now add the dimension of time. Now add other dimensions. Awe-some, is it not?

Due to limitations of language, I have to speak of the encodement system in a linear manner. It is not linear. There are connections that are on every level of yourself, every aspect of your self, in every dimension in which you reside. A spider's web has a very limited number of connections. Next time you see you, notice that.

If you used another WEB, that known as the World Wide WEB, you could do a search and come up with hundreds, thousand, millions of connections depending upon the topic. Imagine that doing a search would give you information from the 4th, 5th dimensions and beyond. That is how your encodement system is organized.

The upper layers of encodements pertain to the immediacy of your life. As each encodement has served its purpose, it deactivates. The encodement "below" or "next" to it is then activated. There are times when you have not quite finished with one lesson but have gone on to another lesson. You are working on two lessons simultaneously. This causes your vibration to fluctuate. When you have fully learned the first lesson, that encodement is no longer active and you focus on the information in the newer lesson.

Your encodement system allows you to learn lessons in stages. Some humans need to learn step-by-step. Others can take three steps at a time. Your encodement system is set up in such a way as to allow for your personal preference at the time of incarnation. You might do a "step-by-step" progression in the early years of your life and then move to taking several steps at a time. As the lessons are learned, your speed of learning may progress.

Suppose you came into this life with the desire to learn about forgiveness.

Let's say that forgiveness has been an issue for many life times. This particular life time you are ready to finish the major work on this issue.

Your encodement system is set up in a complex and wondrous manner to move you through this progression of learning. You made decisions about where and to whom you would be born, who would raise you, the body you would have,the mental and emotional makeup you would have. You made decisions of the energy you would attract to you.

You are conceived and the process begins. As energies from thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and events come to you, various encodements are activated. You begin your process of learning. Your encodement system takes you through each stage of your plan. As you finish with one set of encodements, they deactivate and you begin on another.

If you have two or three or more lessons going on at the same time, you have more encodements active. These encodements can all be of various vibrations. That is why people are not consistent in their vibration. There are many levels of lessons occurring simultaneously with various vibrations.

Until this time, changes in encodement work have happened on a soul level.

Now, as the vibrations have elevated, they can happen on a conscious level.

You are in the area of conscious creation. Those of you who have vibrations in the range of being able to consciously work on your encodements are reading this material with interest and thoughts of possibility.

(Those who have been sent to this material by a friend and are not ready for this material have either not made it to this passage, or are sneering at it. When you are ready to work in this area, this information will appear as possibility. You will become excited.)

Now that you can consciously work with the encodement technicians, you can speed your passage through your lessons even more quickly. An analogy would be the difference between "regular" reading, "speed" reading and "photo" reading. You will get the information in the book no matter which method of reading you choose. The speed at which you get the information is the difference.