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Encodements and The Genetic Code

Encodements affect every aspect of your genetic code. When you change an encodement, you change, at minimum, one protein in your genetic code. When you change a belief, when you release low vibration energy, when you accept higher vibration energy, you change your genetic code. If you desire to work with your genetic code, there are three basic ways to accomplish this. No method is better than the other. It is simply preference.

The first is to change belief systems or experience healing with the intention of changing the genetic code. This will allow the energy changes to "settle into" the genetic code giving it instructions. It is your intention that is the catalyst. Note that this method does not involve working with encodements.

The second method is to work with the encodement technicians on changing encodements and ask that this change go to the very level of the genetic code. Again, note the importance of intention.

The third method is to work with the encodement technicians on the genetic code itself regarding genetic issues. Many more things are related to genetic issues than what your scientists know. Simply ask the encodement technicians to work with you in this area.

Let's take poverty consciousness. (See Encodements and Abundance Consciousness) By working with belief systems, you would simply use one of the many tools and techniques available to release poverty consciousness and bring in abundance consciousness.

When working with the encodement technicians on releasing the encodements of poverty consciousness, you would ask that these changes be to the very level of your DNA/RNA.

By working directly with the genetic code you would ask the encodement technicians to go to the genetic code and release encodements holding into place poverty consciousness. (You would follow the process of asking about artificial, damaged and altered natural as well as natural encodements.)

Now substitute a belief system such as "I will never be healthy." (You will know this is a belief system because you are not healthy!) You can work on this belief system in any of the three methods mentioned above.

Please know that you do not have to do encodement work directly to affect the encodements. Life affects the encodements. Energy affects the encodements. Life is filled with energy. Which ever method you choose for change, know that conscious and focused intent is required.