Robert Shapiro: Disentanglements

Channeled by Ssjoooo through Robert Shapiro.

Disentangle from Your Discomforts and Pains and Become your True Self.

Robert Shapiro

I will speak of postcreation now.  A leaf lives its life, seasons change, it falls from the tree, say where people don’t rake it up and then gradually it disintegrates into the ground.  As it is disintegrating and becoming soil, we can say that that is postcreation.  For the human being this form of postcreation does not mean that your body is returning to earth.    There is a point where a creation of the moment starts to uncreate it self.  Creation can be some thing as simple as seeing your friend on the street unexpectedly and saying, Oh, it is so good to see you.  You give your friend a hug or a hand shake and go on.  That moment is a creation and when you go on, it dissipates-it goes away.  So let us use that as an example of the form of disentanglement we are going to do.

Now you all have moments throughout your life where you connect with things, with people.  Let us say you have a friend you have known for years, but you had a misunderstanding.  You see him on the street and you are happy to see him.  You give him a pat on the back or a handshake and so on, yet you are uncomfortable and so is he.  You are both rushing somewhere and you say, I will call you.  And off you go.  But you have an uncomfortable feeling.  This tells you that aside from having to talk things over with your friend, that would be of value to disentangle from that past situation.

How do you then disentangle?

For those of you who meditate, simply do your basis relaxation/mediation.  Try not to think of too many words.  After your are relaxed, request that gold light beings come and remove the discomforting cords that connect you to all your past discomforts in this life.  Say no more than that.  .If you have had an upsetting incident-some person, a circumstance, a problem at work-you can be specific.  You will ask that the gold light beings come, you will say that opening statement, but instead of saying, Disentangle me from all discomforts of the past, you will say, Please disentangle me from that argument I had at work today.  You don’t say that I feel so bad about.  You are very specific, but at the same time you don’t give a lot of details. 

Don’t write it.  Say it out loud. 

For those of you who wants to explore this further:

After you have done the disentanglement process for a few weeks and get familiar with it, write down a list of all the people you are in any way uncomfortable with.  You do not have to write it down in any order, but write it down.  Everything you can think of including all the incidents or circumstances you can remember that make you feel uncomfortable when you think about them.  You do not have it write it in all details about the incident.  Write down just enough that you know what it is about.  It will take a few weeks, because you will add things off and on.

It would be best to do this before you go to bed.  Say I request that gold lightbeings disentangle me from ………….  You can either say ……..all these things I have written down or you can pick out two or three names (no more than three per night) and say…………..disentangle me from. For instance that event which happened in ………………….

The best time to do this is before you go to sleep at night, but you need to lie on your back with your arms at your sides and your palms touching the mattress or the couch or the ground. 

You will see after a few weeks that you will feel different physically or you are not thinking about things the same way you did.  It can change your whole life. 

It is important to note that you are only asking to be disentangled from unpleasant things and not from things which are good or benevolent.


Lie on a flat surface on your back, hands by your side, palms down and slightly away from your body-preferably three hours after eating and before you go to sleep-but it works anywhere, anytime.  Do not cross your legs or feet.  This position allows you to get used to being vulnerable in your most receptive area.

Say out loud if possible.  I ask gold light beings to disentangle me from my pains and discomforts.  If other teachers or guides or lightbeings of other colors want to help, I ask them to assist the gold lightbeings.

Squeeze your eyelids shut and then focus on the light patterns- don’t think.  If you catch yourself thinking, gently bring your attention back to the light patterns and continue.  Do this for an hour or as long as you feel like doing it or until you fall asleep.  This can be down twice a day.

After a few weeks, make a list of every person and event in your life that makes you uncomfortable.  Say the above statement and add, I am asking to be disentangled from the discomfort and pain of …………….., reading one or two names or events from the list.  Do each name for two to three days or until you feel clear with the person.


You may notice that if you say those specific words or names during the course of your day, after you have done disentanglement on them three to five times, you no longer feel as physically uncomfortable about them as you once did.

This means the disentanglement is working.  The objective is to feel physically calm.  Keep saying those specific words or names in your disentanglement process until you feel physically calm.  When you do, move on to other words or names, never more than one or two at a time.