Robert Shapiro: Benevolent Magic

A Lesson in Benevolent Magic

Robert Shapiro

Let's start off with benevolent magic. It is time to take a conscious, aware step toward changing your reality. It has been useful in the past to experience what exists, then unconsciously change it or work with it. Now one cannot wait any longer for changes to occur. I'm going to suggest what to do about changing your reality. If you are around children, this will be easier. If you are not around children, then you will have to wait for your opportunities. Your opportunities are as follows:

When people around you are laughing, cheerful, happy or joyful, simply take note of it and observe from a distance. If you are involved, note your cheerfulness, your laughter, and be that quite sincerely. If you are observing, however, look at the happy people, especially if they are laughing just for fun, or because they heard an amusing story, or because, being children, they are having a good time. Focus on it, then turn away and look at something else. Try to look at a neutral scene such as trees, the sidewalk, cars-whatever is available-and stay in that feeling of joy.

What is going on in your society all the time are moments of joy and happiness, but these moments of joy and happiness are bursts of happiness, yes? They are not sufficient to sustain benevolence for you all anymore, so I'd like you to begin to spread it around. After you have glanced quickly at it, notice that it cheers you up. It is especially important to smile at it if it cheers you up. Then look at something neutral, and if you can, glance back to the cheerful scene and again look at something neutral. Hopefully, it will be something in your environment that you see every day. Now, this will not work if you are looking at a movie or a television program. The emotion has to be demonstrated by living people.

If you can, then look at something that is either unpleasant or that usually annoys you, and you will notice that it doesn't annoy you as much. This is not a profound revelation. You all know that if you look at something that annoys you while you are laughing, it usually doesn't annoy you as much. This is a way of becoming consciously involved in that process so that you are like a farmer-you are reaping the excess happiness. You are not draining it from people; you are just an observer. It's just like picking an apple off a tree that has many apples; one will not be missed.

Look at something that might be annoying or is usually annoying for a moment; don't dwell on it. Notice that it doesn't annoy you as much. When you can do this around your home, ultimately things that annoy you-even if people aren't around laughing-will not annoy you so much.

This is really a way of seeing your world and making it different. It is simple. You will not remember to do it all the time, but when you do, it might be something to experiment with. Consider it an experiment, because we will build on this later. It is interesting to note that the electronic media (such as television) are not things you can draw energy from. It has to be people. It can be people laughing at the television, but it must be people. It can be people laughing at something on the radio, but it cannot be pulled from the TV or the radio. If you do that, you will simply pull the electromagnetic radiation and will not feel very good.

It is not that there is an immediate crisis, but there is a tendency now to become overinvolved in the dramatic. The dramatic is there to catch your attention, to relieve you of the need to create dramas of your own. But it is necessary to begin making an effort to change your reality, not through your will, but through a conscious effort to utilize the excess joy. There is not a crisis. I just want you to begin to do this.