Gaia - The Harmonic Concordance

An Unusual Interview by John Mirehiel with Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis December 2002

Pepper Lewis

Pepper Lewis

The following article is the result of a recent interview which discusses an astrological event that is being called the Harmonic Concordance. The specific event is due to take place on the total lunar eclipse of November 8, 2003, although according to Gaia, its meaning and implications will begin to unfold much sooner than that.

The interview was conducted by John Mirehiel, a professional astrologer now known internationally as the discoverer of the Harmonic Concordance chart. According to John, the distinctive astrological signature・of this chart is visible even to the untrained eye. He believes the charts fundamental message is spiritual and speaks of the ultimate descent of God consciousness into this plane. John further suggests that this event or stargate・holds specific relevance to the ascension of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Astrologically and spiritually speaking, the unique features of the chart include the specific placement of Chiron on the cusp of the seventh house in the discovery chart. This signifies the importance of achieving wholeness through the integration of the masculine and feminine sides of our individual natures.

This article focuses on the spiritual and metaphysical perspectives of the chart as it relates to the earth and to all who make their home here. A view of the chart is offered here for your consideration. More specific astrological components can be found by visiting, the home page of the Harmonic Concordance chart.

I offer myself into your care and place myself at your service in honor of the project at hand. There is direction, purpose and intent in bringing forward what you have discovered. It is as if all of a sudden contained within you are charts which speak of future science. Science is a subject that honors order so we must do the same, taking care to add wisdom and knowledge where it does not yet exist. Doing so will bring reason to physics and balance to metaphysics which in turn will make a living truth and the truth worth living.

What you call the Harmonic Concordance can be likened to a guidebook for it much more than an event; it is a living principle for those who would hear and acknowledge what is sacred about themselves and the world around them. A discussion of what is sacred must in fact include the subject of geometry, for it is through mathematics that the universe explains itself. Sacred Geometry is an explanation of the Soul and its movements through all dimensional understanding, it is an infinite understanding even though numbers seem finite. The harmonics of the universe explain the maps of both heaven and earth, not the other way around. I await your questions now and will answer them dutifully though I beg your patience if we deviate here and there from the immediate subject if only to refresh ourselves.

Thank you for spending this time with us today. I believe that the astrological chart in question is about the earth (your body) and relates to the ascension of the earth more than the individual ascension of any one person. Can you feel or are you aware of the changes that may be ahead for your own energetic being and/or your consciousness?

I am aware of the changes that are about to take place and their relative timing. I am aware of the changes that are taking place and those which have already taken place. What at times escapes even my sentience is how that change relates to the All That Is aspect of the Earth. The Earth痴 (my) sentience receives guidance, direction and purpose, much as your own life does. There is a sincere trust in perfection on my part relative to upcoming changes. I am aware of the benefits and the opportunity to expand my sentience and its understanding. I am aware of the purposeful guidance received, but I am not always fully aware of how these updated changes will affect every nuance of my being or that of the other beings who make their home upon my body. For example, lets say that you decide to make your home in another state or another country. You contemplate all of your options and then make a decision. You are satisfied with your decision and know that it is true and correct for you. At the same time you are uncertain of how this decision will change or impact your life relative to your current perspective. It is the same with my sentience.

I do not wish to disagree with you, but will offer that the chart in question is not primarily about the Earth. It affects all life, all thought and all reason for being upon the earth. First and foremost this chart is about the progression of life upon Earth. All are affected interested parties, but the effects are inter-dimensional for some, outer-dimensional for others; intra-dimensional for one group, inner-dimensional for others . . . and omni-dimensional . . . and so on. I will say that the physical Earth will first feel the outermost effects and will then make available resonant progressions to humanity and to all other life forms and species upon and within the Earth. So it is not that the chart is more important for the physical (celestial body) Earth, it is simply important that the resonance touch the Earth first so that the energies can be made as compatible as possible. A mother carrying an unborn child must make certain that the child receives adequate nutrition during its gestational period. The mother converts what she has consumed into the specific form of energy required by the unborn child. It must be made recognizable to the infant so that it will become vital and vibrant. If it is not translated into an energy the babe can relate to it will be of little or no use, it will remain unnoticed and be eliminated organically. That is why the Earth must receive these energies first. The compatible resonant qualities of the earth will make expansive, enlightened, portable energies available to a hungry humanity.

I really hadnt thought of it exactly that way, but its an answer that I can understand. Its actually a relief to hear you say that you dont know exactly what this is going to look like. We can hope for one outcome, but we cant know or expect to know exactly what is going to happen. I think that mystery makes our own sentience interesting and exciting. If I understand correctly what you have said so far, we are partners in this event. You will be the first to feel the energy and from there it will spread to other species including humans. All will be affected even our other relations, the four-leggeds, the winged ones, the creepy crawlers and more.

Yes, that is correct. All kingdoms and all awarenesses will be affected and influenced, even those who are here temporarily on inter-dimensional visas from other worlds. All visitors are subject to the environmental conditions provided by their host, in this case the Earth.

The chart indicates a very big opening taking place. Am I correct in assuming that you are that opening, or more correctly, the vessel through which these changes come about?

I am a vessel of light just as you are. Light must be absorbed so that it can be radiated. Our solar system along with our Sun at its center generates a very specific pattern (geometry) of light. This pattern arranges and rearranges itself moment by moment so that it is always in a state of perfection. Unique frequencies, portals, openings, and celestial phenomena are designed to guide specific aspects of the universe that currently understand themselves as less than perfect into perfection. In a physical and nonphysical sense the earth is that unique pattern of light; the opening. You have found the unique and specific celestial geometry that will mark the return of the sacred to the physical; the birth of Christed (perfect) light.

Humankind has really done some damage to your body. We have polluted it and paved over it. We have excavated much of its essence and clouded the skies with all sorts of pollution, yet I can still imagine a pristine and ideal Earth. I know that you have the ability to overcome much of the damage thats been done, but is there another state or dimension of being in which these things have not been perpetrated on you? If so, is that the ascended state and can you describe it?

Very well. Within one specific dimensional understanding, humanity has been at play in a very permissive playground and it has messed things up quite a bit. That must be acknowledged because all change will emerge from this acknowledgement. (Acknowledgement is not the key that opens the door to blame and guilt, it is the key that closes that door and crosses the threshold to unlimited truth.) Within this dimensional understanding my body (the earth) has sustained irreparable damage. For the sake of this discussion, we will call this dimension the lowest vibration of 3D. In this dimension within a framework of linear time it will be years upon centuries nearing a millennium of time before the earth once again address itself as a vitally integrated life sustaining celestial body. That is one perspective, one offering, based upon one dimensional thinking; it is also quite obsolete.

Dimensional changes are subtle. Shifts are influenced by degrees of understanding just as astrological charts are. Just beyond the realm of dimensional understanding is the realm of dimensional adjustment. This is where repair, rejuvenation, regeneration and ascension occur. I exist upon and within all dimensions just as you do, however, I choose to address you from the dimension of understanding. That is why there is no indication of stress, physical distress or functional disapproval. I bear no grudge for I cannot and words that are communicated or leveled against humanity on my behalf are not offered from a current perspective.

There is a state of ascension and in certain realities, dimensions and conditions it is quite real. Its vibration is is unique and distinctively different from how you know perceive the earth. From a physical standpoint when the night sky offers a view of the Earth from afar, the landscape will seem different than the green/blue your imagination now offers. The higher vibration of the ascended state also offers a different color palette. The green/blue will become a soft aquamarine, translucent and dimensional upon close examination. The brown earth will become terra cotta coral in color in some regions and much darker in others. The Earth will still appear as a jewel in the night sky, but the colors will visibly shift. It will yet be some time before humanity is able to perceive these colors with the naked eye but they can be perceived in other ways that are just as real..

Other changes will be apparent as well, how the Earth relates to all other species for instance. Kingdoms and species will be in more direct, telepathic and kinetic relationship with one another. These changes will be among the first to be noticed. This conditional/unconditional reciprocal understanding will allow the Earth to communicate with all beings who choose to do so. Even in an ascended state, it will be obvious who and what is at odds with its own perfection. In the ascended state you can still choose an understanding that is less than perfect, but it becomes a conscious rather than an unconscious choice. At the outset there will appear to be more separation than unity, but this will be temporary. It will simply be more noticeable that choices count. Some species will falter and then die away, others will become more vibrant and their populations will increase. It might even appear that some species threaten to overtake certain geographical areas, but there will be a period of rebalancing after which new definitions of normal will emerge.

It is so reassuring to hear you say that there will be notable physical differences. Much of the information we receive stresses that there will not be any observable differences because regarding humanity the changes will only be of an internal nature.

Changes will be both subtle and specific, notable, discernible and even arguable for those who enjoy debate. It is understandable that physical beings prefer physical responses and visible change. Now, in terms of the ascension the physical will be notable, but all eyes will be looking beyond physical awareness because by then it will be clear that density can be manipulated and made to appear a certain way. Just as today it is difficult to trust nonphysical reality there will come a time when it will be more difficult to trust physical reality. Learning to trust in the perfection of all things will be the key as always. Not all beings will choose an ascended state, they dont have to. It is for those who choose it. As the planet continues to evolve choices will be discovered and uncovered. It is important to choose consciously, otherwise one simply falls in to a moment and then out of it; in to favor or out of favor without knowing how or why. Consciousness awakens purpose, direction and inner guidance.

Is your ascension meant to coincide with the ascension of humankind regardless of our conscious awareness of it?

Some will choose via a conscious personality. For instance, you might say, I choose to move beyond this (my) physical limitation. I choose to understand myself as whole and complete; as one, united in every way. And it will be like that. For others, the choice might take place at the soul level and the personality will remain unaware of the choice. Upon reflection, it might be somewhat surprised that so many events could have unfolded without its knowledge, but look around, how much are you truly aware of right now? A third category includes those who have chosen to be specifically aware of the entire process and they may be surprised to find their unconscious brothers and sisters wiping the sleep from their eyes, yet standing side by side and toe to toe with them. Some will stand for it and some will sit for it and that is simply how it is to be. Who is to say which seedlings will be the first to sprout? Is it the one that is given the most sunlight, the most water, or simply the one that is prepared to sprout at the first opportunity, do you see?

Regarding the projection of this astrological chart, do you agree that the moment of the concordance will occur in November 2003? Do you see the concordance as a stargaze to your ascension?

It is an opening, it is not the only opening. It is a point in time in which a cosmic doorway is held open for now and always. It is an announcement of integral truth.The concordance is a unification of consciousness, it is the birth of divine collective human awareness. The importance of this star gate or star date is in the acknowledgment of multidimensional consciousness. It is a refinement; a desire to be in concordance or accord with the Earth and the Earths movement. It is a desire to participate in and with the wholeness of the Earth. This includes a desire to bring the human body to its next level of health and vitality and to acknowledge the twelve strand DNA as timely and welcome. It further instills the desire within humanity for the body to willingly accept a crystalline basis as its movement and heredity. These are the underpinnings that are aligned with this date and with the chart you have brought forward. Of course, it would not be fair to discount all of the energies leading up to this date, for each one makes the next possible. 2003 will be an auspicious year, one for the books you might say.

Spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric teachings tell us that time is all happening in the now moment; that all time actually exists simultaneously. Based upon this understanding would it be possible to step into the concordance moment now?

If we acknowledge that all moments are one, that all time is simultaneous, and that all dimensions are available in the now, then putting great or grave emphasis on a date that exists in the future would be futile because time is only meaningful in the now; now time is not linear, it is dimensional. You do not have dimensional awareness at this time and the weighted (density) importance you have placed upon this future date makes it almost impossible for you to experience it now; for you it still exists in linear time, in the future. Your expectations fluctuate, but the importance or influence of other dates pales in comparison. Acknowledge this date as an expansive moment in time that will benefit all. A moment in which the kaleidoscope that is this universe will appear in an artfully arranged cosmic design.

From your perspective, what are some of the things that we might do in linear time between now and the twelve months or so that remain?

Invite your mind and your heart to speak as one, give each equal voice and purpose. See the perfection and potential for wholeness in every being and in each decision. Choose to be of benefit to self and of service to others. Expand upon thoughts and awarenesses that unite rather than divide. Live the teachings that support oneness through equal diversity of creation. Open doors and windows to thoughts based upon soul initiative and imperative. Whenever possible shift awareness from a linear to a multidimensional perspective. Relinquish belief systems that no longer serve you such as historical hysterics. Look at today with a simplicity that honors all beings regardless of origin or perspective. Look to the future with the anticipation and innocence of a child.

Will we have the resources to bring this to the attention of people around the world so that the event will serve you and all of humanity? Will everyone be interested?

You will continue to have the resources as long as the desire remains sincere and present within you because that is your one true resource. Your desire alone is strong enough to carry awareness to the attention of those who would hear. Their own desire to discover and to receive will make the message that much more clear. Not all will be interested and many will not chose to participate, not in this or in anything else. Allow and accept light in the many forms it chooses. Knowledge will brush lightly against their cheek so that they barely take notice of it, or it might fall as a brick upon their lap while they cry, the sky is falling! If they are oblivious to this they may be oblivious to themselves, in either case it is not your concern. Neither is it your concern to make less receptive ears more receptive. Hidden within humanitys innocence is a stubborn will; a wild spirit which is both beautiful and reckless.

Is there anything you would like to add or include as part of this message?

You have given this event a beautiful name; a grand label to wear as when one attends a party, but it is important that you would not confine it to that name. As the physical date approaches, it will be celebrated and looked upon in a variety of ways. It will coincide with other physical and nonphysical phenomena and will be called by other names besides this one. As it is now seen, this date may also coincide with certain prominent world events which may in some ways lend support and in others take it away. Certainly there will be more relevance and importance for those who watch the skies than for those whose distractions lead them elsewhere. The significance is in the unique configuration; it is an opportunity and invitation. Honor the event with a name, but do not confine it, do not limit it, do not draw a boundary around it, even an imaginary one. Give it a life of its own so that it will in turn give to others a life that is indeed their own.

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